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The Single Bands



 Single Bandsis the wristband for active Singles to let other Singles know they are available and looking. Like the personal ads on the wrist they are the fun and inviting way to start conversation.

(Choose the band that represents you, keep the conversation going by adding thin bands that represent what you are looking for in the other person.)

 Single Bandsis the original and most universally recognized wristband for singles since 2006.

Single Bandsis confident your life will change for the better within 30 days or we give you 110% of your money back.

Who is wearing their Single Bands?

Adult singles just like you. Women and Men who are confident, maybe discreet yet empowered to seriously change their lives. When you see...and you will...whether boating, biking, jogging or just walking the dog...other adult singles are wearing theirs...seize that fleeting moment and introduce yourself.

The research is in... Adults are single for one of two reasons 1). Because they want to be 2). They simply have not yet met their perfect match.

Join the thousands of happy and fulfilled adults who have changed their lives with Single Bands

Wear Your Band...Meet Someone......it works


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